How is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnosed ?

Mr.Roy will discuss your medical history in detail and examine you. Next, physical examination tests are performed, which may include:

  1. Tinel’s sign. In this test, the median nerve is tapped at the wrist to see if it produces a tingling sensation in the fingers.
  1. Wrist flexion test or Phalen’s test. In this test, the patient rests his or her elbows on a table and allows the wrist to fall forward freely. Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome will experience numbness and tingling in the fingers within 60 seconds. The more quickly symptoms appear, the more severe the carpal tunnel syndrome.


Hospital Tests :

  1. Nerve conduction test. This determines how well the median nerve itself is working and how well it controls the hand and indicates the degree of Median nerve compression. This is the confirmative test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

2.  X-rays of the wrist may be requested if there is limited wrist motion, or evidence of arthritis or trauma.

Diagnosis 1
Diagnosis 2
Diagnosis 3
Diagnosis 4
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