Before your Minor Surgery

1.You are advised to have a light meal before arrival to the clinic. There is no requirement to fast for a procedure performed under local anesthesia.

2. It is usually best to arrange for somebody else to take you home after your minor operation. Although it’s very unlikely to be a problem, we do not advise driving or travelling unaccompanied by public transport in case you feel unwell.

3.It helps to wear loose fitting clothing. We usually only need to expose the affected part to be operated upon.

4.We pride ourselves on making the procedure and post procedure recovery period as pain free and comfortable as possible.

5.You will be awake throughout the procedure and no intravenous sedation is given.

6.You will be given local anaesthesia with a very fine needle injection to make the operative area go numb. You will feel mild discomfort for a few seconds as the anaesthetic is administered. Thereafter, you will feel no pain.

7.Apart from a parent accompanying a young child, we are not able to accommodate companions in the minor surgery room but they are welcome to sit in the waiting room whilst you are having your minor operation.

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