What are the alternatives to Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery ?

If your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are mild or you’ve had them for only a short while, you may not need surgery. If you’re under 30 or pregnant, you may not need surgery either. This is because your symptoms may go away on their own after around six months, or once you’ve had your baby.

You may be able to ease your symptoms with some lifestyle changes such as the following:

1. Avoid doing anything that makes your symptoms worse

2. Take regular breaks from repetitive tasks

3. If you use a computer, try a different keyboard or a wrist rest

4. Keep fit and maintain a healthy weight – being overweight and unfit are both linked to carpal tunnel syndrome

If your symptoms are affecting your everyday life, your doctor may recommend non-surgical treatments.

1. Wrist splints. These support your wrist and keep it in a neutral position. Wearing these at night can often help with night-time symptoms, particularly if you have mild carpal tunnel symptoms during pregnancy.

2. Steroid injections. A steroid injection into your wrist is often recommended as second line treatment to treat most mild to moderate cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. It can be helpful if wrist splints aren’t easing your symptoms.

If these treatments aren’t working or your symptoms are bad, you may be recommended carpal tunnel release surgery.

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