Aftercare of your Minor Surgery

1. You should take it easy and rest for the remainder of the day after your minor operation.

2. Unless advised otherwise, wound dressings should be kept dry and intact for 24 to 48 hours or as advised. After 24 to 48 hours you may have a shower. Do not use bubble bath or talcum powder for about 10 days as it could irritate the wound and impair the healing process. It can also predispose the wound to an infection.

3. Not all minor operative procedures involve sutures. If you have non-dissolving stitches, you will need to book an appointment to have your stitches removed. The duration of the sutures will be advised after the minor operation. We recommend that you book this appointment on the day of your minor operation before you leave. As a general rule, sutures to the head and neck area are removed at 5-7 days after your operation and other parts of the body may have stitches removed between 10-14 days. Mr.Roy will advise you of exactly when your stitches should be removed before you leave.

4. The local anaesthetic used ( lignocaine) usually lasts for 4 hours following administration. We recommend that you start to take your painkillers as advised after your operation so that you are as comfortable as possible in the post operative recovery period.

5. Suitable over the counter painkillers are paracetamol or ibuprofen.

6. Incidence of wound infection is usually less then 1%. Signs of infection include  fever, increasing redness around the wound and a mucky yellow discharge. In the unlikely event that you are concerned that you may have developed an infection, please contact us.

7. You should be able to return to normal activities, as soon as you feel able.

8. Most patients will be back at work the next day.

9. Please avoid heavy exercising and swimming for 2 weeks.

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